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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Another ultrasound

I had my detailed obstetric ultrasound yesterday. The one where they take all the measurements, and let slip the sex, depending on if the baby will open its legs, and how talkative the technician is. I went to my third different ultrasound lab, in order to get the ultrasound done in the 18th week of my pregnancy. I was told that if it's later than that, the baby may be too big to get all the measurements properly. And ultrasound appointments fill up fast. So I had to call around a bit before I found a lab in the east part of town (yes, the stereotype of the east part of town applies here) that could fit me in yesterday. Then, when I went in, the technician told me I was almost 20 weeks pregnant. So I don't know how far along I am anymore, but I don't think one or two weeks this way or that will make a huge difference in anything... other than that the baby might appear to come "early".

This particular ultrasound technician was very businesslike. He didn't speak much English, and I felt a bit like a slab of meat that was wasting his time. But he did let me go to the bathroom half way through and relieve my aching bladder. No response when I thanked him.

Tomek was going to meet me there so he could see the baby. It's fortunate that they only let the husband in after all the measurements are done. Even then, he almost didn't make it because this technician was quick. I was in there for maybe 15 minutes before he asked what my husband's name was so he could call him in from the waiting room. I had gone to the bathroom 5 minutes prior to that and peeked in the waiting room on my way back to the exam room, and no Tomek. Turns out, he was just taking a seat in the waiting room when the technician called his name. So he got to see the baby again and we got a few more pictures. In one, the baby is curled up face down, and it's a great view of skull, spine and legs. The second one is the face of the baby. All that's visible is the skull, with big eye sockets and we can tell where the teeth are already in the gums.
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