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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Life is good


- “I have reports here from your doctor that you are one healthy young lady.”

- For the first time, one baby heartbeat pumping strongly along at 155 bpm.

- “You look really good in pink.”

- “You have a certain glow about you today.”


- Chicken fajitas (chicken, rice, lettuce, salsa, taco sauce, cheese, tomato, mushroom and a wrap)


- My odds of having a child with Down syndrome or spinal bifuda based on age: 1-1,320

- My odds based on my health: 1-13,000

- Tomek and I have identical blood types. V. good news for baby.

- There’s a romance in kissing in the rain under an umbrella in the dusk.

- How to get rid of bad dream remnants: tell it in as much detail as possible to the wonderful man in bed beside me who always wakes up when I need him, then relax and drift off wrapped in his warm arms and calming words.

- Tomek and I have the same dream of doing work we love, and we are both willing to support each other in whatever path it leads each of us. He’s leaning towards robotics and automation. I’m looking forward to discovering where my skills will lead me.

- We may not have anything prepared for the baby: no room of its own, no matching furniture, definitely no clothes (most of those will come after the baby is born, when we know how big/small it is), no crib, no change table, no accessories… but I also have no doubt that everything will be fine. If we have to convert our living room into a temporary bedroom for us or him/her, that’s fine. If I have to carry a stroller in one arm and a baby in the other up a flight of stairs and back numerous times each day, that’s fine too. The room will come with a move, with time. Perhaps that all will unfold before the baby is born. Perhaps not. For now, I am happy knowing that I have the love, knowledge and help of our families, and our own good health.

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