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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

One active LB

... Things will continue to change, with the arrival of our Little Bean (who, as I type, is kicking furiously— I guess s/he’s saying hello). The kicking… that brings me to the highest point of my day each and every day. (Kick) Whenever it starts in the evening, I’ll lie (Kick) down on the bed (Kick) and lift my shirt so my belly is exposed. Tomek sits on the floor beside the bed to watch, or places his hand on my belly to feel. Some days, my belly looks like a waterbed that someone just sat on. Other times, it’s just a kick here or there (Kick) sometimes hard, sometimes soft. I can’t really tell if LB has hiccoughs or not… but last night there were some movements coming in pretty rapid succession, so I can think they were hiccoughs. Sometimes, Tomek will put his face or cheek against my belly and talk to the baby… (Kick) and promptly get kicked in the face. (Kick) I feel like it’s a real bonding experience fo—whoa… kicking and punching I guess… or stretching (Kick, kick)—for the three of us. (Kick, kick…. Kick) LB is VERY active, and the most noticeable pattern in periods of activity that I’ve seen are at 11 p.m. which s/he would definitely get from Tomek. He’s so tired after work, but around 10:30-11p.m starts to wake up again, and then can easily stay up till 1:30 or so (Kick). Other than that, I usually feel movement once every hour or (Kick) so. (Kick)
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