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Thursday, June 29, 2006

LB update

I had a midwife appointment this morning. Turns out my sugar cravings are probably caused by lack of protein. Good to know. Time to beef up on the cheese and youghurt. Tomek's treating me to a chicken caesar salad tonight, too. Yum! My hubby is the best...

I learned what has been causing all the tight, crampy stretchy feelings in my pelvic area--the baby's head has settled pretty low. Low enough that it doesn't move when the midwife pressed on it gently. !! So the midwife told me that labour before 37 weeks (i'm at 36) is considered pre-term labour and we'd be going directly to the hospital if my water broke and/or contractions started. !!

Tomorrow is my last day of work. Hoorah! I have a lot to do to leave instructions for the girl who is taking my place. I came in to work yesterday and was told 2 minutes before she arrived that I'd be training her for the first 2 hours of work. I was so not awake, not together, not coherent. But it went well--I think I slipped into tutoring mode--I explained things to her for half an hour and spent the rest of the time letting her do what I had explained. Hands on is definitely the best way to go--I'm no talking head anyway.

I have an enormous blog entry in progress, I hope to finish it tonight... so stay tuned. I'm still here, and me and LB are definitely still kicking!

Last night I was watching Tomek play soccer, and a few times the ball rolled to where I was sitting, so I kicked it back to the wheezing throng of guys. LB was going nuts, kicking, shifting, stretching... it felt like s/he wanted to be out there with his/her daddy.
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