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Monday, July 17, 2006

Baby shower

On Saturday a baby shower was thrown for me. It all turned out well, although 2 people who said they'd make it never showed or called. Two of my co-workers showed up, as well as my mom, Tom's mom and another friend of mine. So it was a small group, but the company, food, bevys, games, and presents were great. One of the games involved melted chocolate in diapers and we had to guess what kind of chocolate bar it had been. I won't be able to eat chocolate for a while, I don't think--especially since the Snickers bar turned into a total corn poopie (with the peanuts).

But Tomek and I have a ton of baby stuff now. Only thing is, the crib still isn't finished being stripped and sanded, the car seat isn't installed, the change table pillow hasn't been attached to the top of the dresser, my hospital bag isn't packed and I have NO idea if I have enough clothes for a newborn. But I do have LB's coming home outfit picked out from the clothes we do have.

And we have lots of disposable and cloth diapers (enough to last a couple of days anyway), a breast-feeding pillow, a mobile for the crib which plays Brahms lullaby (which was the lullaby on my brothers' mobile and the song I kind of insisted on having the mobile play), plenty of receiving blankets and burp cloths and towels and the like... AND (this one is Tom's favourite, I think) a Snugli:So now I'm back into another week of puttering around at home while Tomek works. Not that there isn't a ton of stuff to do. I've been trying to get down to do our 4 loads of laundry since this morning. I can't wait to have in-suite laundry. Those machines are worth their weight in gold to me already! And the folks at Toys R Us didn't remove the security tag from the Snugli so I have to go get that removed, do groceries, write thank-you cards to my baby shower guests, and get back on the wedding thank you cards.

It's amazing how such seemingly trivial stuff can fill a day...
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