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Friday, July 28, 2006

Letter to LB. Beyond the due date: day 1

Hey LB,

Well, I guess you only know when you are ready to come out and meet your parents. I haven't felt close to giving birth yet, but I suppose the signs will be there when you are ready.

Yesterday, July 27th, was your due date. Every day brings you closer to being an August baby like me, rather than a July baby like your tatus. I'm competitive enough to hope you'll be an August baby. Silly really, but that's your mom!

My mom, your Gran, is ready to come flying up here as soon as she gets the word that I am in labour. She'll be staying with us for a while, helping me and your tatus figure out exactly what the heck we are doing. But I'm sure you'll teach us a lot pretty quick, too.

Your tatus is getting pretty excited to meet you. When the midwife asked if he had any questions or concerns about the pregnancy, he just said he wanted you here already. I can already picture the two of you snoozing on the couch together the way my dad and brothers used to.

Are you waiting for the crib to be finished before you arrive? It's almost done! We should have the final coat of varnish on it tomorrow.

And we have started planning your bedroom. Nothing too crazy, but some nice yellow walls and a bright sun ceiling lamp, maybe some shelves for all the stuffed animals I'm sure you'll be recieving. And some colourful drapes to hide the beige beige beige blinds.

I don't think I told you what I got at my baby shower (or rather, our baby shower). We got a mobile that plays Brahm's Lullaby and has an elephant, giraffe, lion and zebra on it, and a Snugli from your Gran. Your tatus can't wait to get you in that Snugli! We also got a bunch of burp cloths and some receiving blankets and wash cloths and as squeaky duck, and a bumbo seat. I'm wondering about that seat. I hope you'll like it. But I can't wait to get you one of those seats that attach to the top of a door frame and that let you bounce around. I would find that fun if I was a kid.

So I hope everything is ok with you. Keep wiggling, it's reassuring. :)

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