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Friday, July 28, 2006

Beyond the due date: day 1

No, I haven't popped yet, and no I don't feel like I'm about to pop. And yes, I don't like the term "pop" being associated with pregnancy.


Today is cool and cloudy, so I'm finally making another batch of potato salad. Yum! Doing dishes, trying to clean up some of the piles of paper that seem to accumulate everywhere. I talked to my mom last night and she and my dad are coming up for one day next week. My dad has some work to do and my mom is going to visit with me and suggested she could help pack some boxes.
I have more attention on fixing up our new place than how we are actually going to get moved out of this place. Yesterday I was on the IKEA website and found the cutest ceiling lamp for LB's room, if we go with the light yellow walls.

Today I called work and the receptionist is keeping aside boxes for us. And I called the strata management company to find out how we should pay our strata fees each month. Left a message, no reply yet. Will probably have to go to their office on monday with post-dated cheques if I don't hear back. I don't want to start off our first full month of owning the place with a late payment!

Tonight Tomek and I have to go get a baptism gift and card for Konrad, Tomek' soon-to-be godson. Tomorrow is the baptism. I have pictures here somewhere of Tomek holding the little guy. Too cute.

So that's day 1+ in a nutshell. My day is really just beginning, since I never get up till almost noon every day. And even then, the 4.5 hours till Tomek gets home still draaaaag by. I guess I should enjoy the monotony; soon enough I'll be going non-stop again.
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