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Monday, July 31, 2006

Beyond the due date: day 4

Hm. Day 4. Yesterday a close friend of mine told me that her first child was 3 weeks late. Oh please no. After spending time with Konrad on Saturday, I'm now starting to get antsy to have this Little Bean out in the world with us.

Sunday was spent mostly at our new place--I ripped down a lot of wallpaper. Very satisfying work. Then we went to work on the crib and try to finish it, but didn't because the brush we have is no good. So I'm going to pick up a new one and tonight we will try again to finish it off. I can't wait to have it made, with the mobile on it and in our bedroom.

On Sunday Tomek's family was going nuts because my sister-in-law had a dream that I'd be giving birth that day and neither of us were answering our phones because we were still sleeping or just getting started on the day. They became sure that we weren't answering because we were at the hospital.

LB's been moving around like crazy... and it feels like my belly has dropped a bit, but I can't be sure. Another midwife appointment on Wednesday will hopefully reveal that the baby has descended. People keep saying "oh, any day now"... but I feel like the more they say that, the longer I'm going to have to wait. Argh.


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