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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

LB update: week 36

LB's heartbeat is at a healthy, steady 140 bpm. As at last week's midwife appointment, the midwife commented on how low LB has settled. And it turns out I've been having contractions. Not the "here comes the baby" contractions, but a tightening of my uterus all the same. It doesn't hurt, my tummy just goes rock hard for about a minute.

With all the crazy running around I've been doing to get all our condo purchasing stuff together and approved, and with being up for most of most nights because of my stupid sore throat, I have not been taking it easy. I'm worried that the activity might affect LB's arrival (that s/he might come early). I'm worried about this because on Monday, Tomek is going to fly north till he's parallel with the southern tip of Alaska and do a side job, not returning until Thursday afternoon.

I really cannot bear the thought of giving birth without Tomek being there. Sure I am probably totally capable of giving birth without him there, but the idea of him missing out on the birth of his first child (the day my dad still considers to be the happiest one of his life), is unbearable. I feel like it would break my heart for him to miss out on the experience and the wonder of it all.

Fingers crossed that LB stays put for at least another week.
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