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Thursday, July 27, 2006

On the due date

The long awaited due date has come, and will probably go without much fuss. My nesting feelings are kicking into high-gear, and according to the midwife the baby has dropped some more, but nothing's actually started.

I'm not feeling anxious or restless yet, but I was suprised and tickled yesterday when the midwife asked Tomek how he's feeling about the pregnancy, and he replied with a smile "I just want the baby to be here already."

I don't know why I don't feel the same way. I feel kind of like I've accepted that I'm going to go into labour and it's going to hurt a lot but the result is going to be more than worth any and all of the pain and discomfort. And that's about the extent of my feelings on the matter. I suppose the real emotional attachment will come once LB is here and we've gotten to know each other a bit.

I'm finding myself thinking of LB more as a girl than a boy, I wonder why that is, and if it will turn out to be accurate at all.

Yesterday Tomek and I went for a hospital tour; I'd gone on one two weeks ago with a friend, but I was relieved that he got to see where to drive me, where the maternity ward is, what the rooms are like, etc. beforehand.

Our midwife told us that since these are the final days of us just being us, we should try to take time to do things that we'd normally do to spend time together, other than renovations and packing. So last night we did-- well, we went to Sears first to pick up a diaper pail and some nursing pads, then came home and watched America's Got Talent, which is a pretty ridiculous show, but some of the acts are cool. What bugged me was how we'd see a 3 minute act, then hear the judges give the person an X or a check and then there would be commercials. One act, then commercials. What happened to only having 2 sets of commercials per 1/2 hour of television? But it was good to sit and laugh and groan and cringe together for a bit. Then we assembled our change table and a diaper shelf and threw a few more things in our hospital bags.

Tonight it's back out to his parents' place to finish the crib (fingers crossed).

And sometime within the next 2 weeks, LB will arrive.
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