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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Still here

LB is all knees and elbows today, and my hands have joined my feet in their swollen-ness. Or maybe my hands are just tired from the sanding I was doing last night. Tomek put the first coat of varnish on the crib on Monday night and last night we went out to his parent's place to put the second coat on. But we discovered that the crib felt a bit rough to the touch. So we sanded all the pieces down with some fine-grade sand paper and then wiped it all down to get the dust off, and then Tomek varnished half of it--by then it was 12:30, and we were both ready to drop. But while he was varnishing I did get all the baby stuff washed that we'll need - receiving blankets, outfits, diapers, socks, sheets.

And earlier in the day I did get a bunch of the dishes done, but then I negated all that work by cooking potatoes and rice and stir-frying some veggies and prepping a chicken marinade.

I am so not going to get hardly anything done that is suggested--all the frozen meals in the freezer and that kind of stuff. A friend just left me a message asking if we need help with painting at our new place--and I haven't called her back yet because we aren't ready to paint and what I could really use help with is putting some order into this pigsty of an apartment. I was supposed to do so much planning for the move...


I woke up this morning and when I got up to pee I felt this huge tugging feeling and I couldn't even straighten up. I shuffled a few steps, then turned around and shuffled back into bed. So now I have to remember to lie straight for a while before getting up to let all my lower muscles stretch out after being curled up all night.

And we didn't make it to the hospital yet... but tonight they are having another hospital tour, so we are going to go out to that after our midwife appointment.
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