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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Getting to know her

My relationship with Lily is different than I imagined it to be, mostly because a lot of the time I still don't understand why she is crying. Sometimes I hit it bang on, and do just the right thing, but other nights, like last night, I just listen to her cry and cry and cry and want to cry myself. Walking calms her down but so often I'm too wiped to push a stroller or strap on the Snugli. And in some sense, she is kind of a stranger to me. As I'm sure I am to her. Happiness comes when she falls asleep with a coo on my chest. But mostly it's a lot of feeling lonely and tired and trying completely unsuccessfully to pack the rest of our apartment.

Snugli aftermath:

Awww Gran... do I hafta burp?? (or, They call me Cheeks McGillicudy)

Our snugglebug (she's turning into a little redhead!):
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