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Friday, October 06, 2006

Good morning sunshine!

So I'd read that babies often need a gradual transition from sleeping in their parents' room to sleeping in their own room. For the past two months, you have slept in your cradle next to our bed. Last night, we decided to see how you'd do in your crib in your own room. We set up the baby monitor so we could hear you if you woke up during the night (which I expected since you'd be in an unfamiliar bed and room). You fell asleep while we went for a walk around 10:30. I moved you from the stroller into your crib... and we didn't hear a peep from you until 7:30 this morning when we heard you talking to your animals.

I think this transition was harder for me than for you! It made me feel a bit sad to think that you won't be sleeping next to me anymore. That phase is over so quickly, I can't believe it. Tatus suggested we could have the crib in our room, and as tempting as that is for me, I think it's better for you to have your own room, and be used to sleeping in your own space.
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