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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Your crib is up!

This past week it became quite obvious that you were quickly outgrowing your cradle. Often at night your tatus and I would hear your fists hitting the rails, and when we'd check on you, this it what we'd see:Unfortunately, up until two nights ago, we had been unable to find half of the screws needed to put your crib together. (The crib we bought for $75 and then spent over 100 hours fixing up... with love :) Two nights ago your tatus did find the screws, and last night we were up till 1 a.m. putting it together. Used cribs from thrift stores do not come with instruction manuals. But your tatus is not just another pretty face. I say we put it goether, but really it was him. I was... moral support. It took 2 hours, but we--er, he got it put together, and it looks GREAT! See?

The fun part for me was putting the sheets and blanket on for a finishing touch. The top sheet, of which you can see the edge, was my sheet when I slept in a crib. And the blanket was hand-stitched by your babcia! She added the words in red, that say "for a most-loved little grand-daughter" and at the bottom, "grandma and grandpa". Lastly, your initials stitched in each of the corners, to help ward off the evil-eye.

So tonight will be an experiment as we will be putting you to sleep in your crib in your room for the first time.

I'm going to miss having you sleep next to me. I'm even going to miss your little snores.
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