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Monday, January 01, 2007

More New Years

Later in the night...
Tatus looking at you the way he did when he first held you in his arms. You look fascinated by the pattern on his shirt.
Happy New Year Everyone!!
(L-R: Nina, Natalya, Daniel, Babcia, you, me, Dziadek, Tatus, Anna, and at the front, Konrad and his tatus, Tomek)

Happy first New Year Boogie! (You made sure you stayed up for the countdown.)

Looking a little sleepy after all the excitement:

Hanging out with Konrad:
Konrad: Whee this is fun! Let's paarty!!
Lily: Gosh, I'm tired.Konrad: Getting tired, eh kid? Ah well, soon enough you'll be staying up like us "big kids".
Lily: yawns
Konrad: I'm gonna get you!
Lily: You can't see me. I'm hiding under the blanket.

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