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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Falling asleep

Getting you to fall asleep at night has always been a bit of a struggle. You fall asleep easily enough if we rock you or take you for a walk or if I let you nurse till you doze off. But I know those are all bad habits, because you need to be able to fall asleep on your own otherwise life is going to get very difficult for all of us. Tonight you nursed and then seemed fairly calm, so I burped you and then quietly put you in your crib, gave you a soother, covered you in blankets, turned down the light, , and closed the door. You didn't cry, but you did continually roll over onto your tummy and ocassionally I'd hear you give little frustrated grunts, so I went in, rolled you back onto your back, covered you, gave you the soother and left. I had to do that about 5 times, but it worked. You fell asleep all by yourself. Mind you, you are lying almost sideways in bed, but hey, that works.

I'm proud of you, boogie! And thanks for going to bed "early". Yes, 12:30 a.m. is early for you. :)
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