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Friday, February 02, 2007

Letter to our LB: six months

Dear Lily,

You turned 6 months old today... and it feels like we've reached a milestone. It feels like we've reached a point of no return. I suppose every day is like that. But now it feels like you are no longer a "little baby". You aren't, at all. Everyday we see the determination on your face when you see something you want and reach for it, grabbing and grabbing till you finally get ahold of it (like tatus' nose or earring, a fridge magnet, a place mat, the phone book, the keyboard). Then, if the thing is small, it goes one of two places: in your mouth or on the floor.

When we go for walks, you sit in the big girl part of the stroller, facing forward. No more baby car seat stroller walks for you. No need to watch mom and tatus as we walk, you want to look at the world around you. If we are walking through a store and I am walking ahead of you in your stroller, Ive seen you get all excited, bouncing and giggling as if you want to go faster. Tatus and I realized you are chasing me. So I ran. We ran up and down the aisles of Ikea last week, you chased me and chased me, and finally caught me. I don't mind though, because once you catch me, I cover you in kisses.

When you turned 5 months old, we could see you'd made the decision to start sitting up on your own, and even stand by holding onto something, without our support. Now, at 6 months old you sit on the carpet unassisted (I still put puffy pillows behind you) and will play with your toys, roll, get up on hands and knees, try to chase down toys, chew on anything in your path.

Crawling. You so want to crawl. You know how to lift your tummy off the ground now, and you rock back and forth like you are so ready to move forward, but your arms aren't moving yet.

Rolling has been perfected. Lying on your back is unsatisfactory now. It doesn't matter where you are, in bed or on the floor, you will roll onto your tummy and try to crawl.

Food. Solid foods were introduced to you this month. And I took videos of you trying each kind. Rice cereal was good, but that's because it was mixed with homemade formula which you've always loved. Pureed apples and banana were met with much less enthusiasm. If I remember correctly, the banana made you shudder. Avocado was okay at first, till a big glob of it got stuck to the roof of your mouth and despite your best chewing motions, it wouldn't go away. So you gagged, and tatus helped your tongue along by scooping it out of your mouth. So for now, we are just sticking to rice cereal, and slowly thickening it.

Talking. Cooing. Shrieking. Yelling. You are continually toying with new sounds. My favourites are the shrieks and the coos. If I tickle you past the point of laughter, I get a shriek from you. The coos are like little whispered secrets when I hold you close.

My favourite part of the day, and I think yours too, is when tatus comes home from work. I carry you to the front hall when I hear his key in the door. You get all jumpy and wiggly in my arms when you see him, like you can't wait to get out of my arms, and into his. It's such a thrill to watch you recognize us and react to seeing us again.

You are far too active, far too inquisitive to be classified as a little baby anymore. You're my little buddy, and I love exploring the tiny bits of our home and our neighbourhood with you.

Happy half-birthday, boogie. We love you so much.

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