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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Lily's first hike--at Pitt Lake

Ok, it was more like a nature walk than a hike, but this way we were able to walk farther than we could have on a hike--toting a 17-pound you in a Snugli is not easy, even on flat ground!

Here's a video of us starting out.

Ready to go on an adventure:
Lily & Tatus at Pitt Lake--it was really windy:

Family pic, take 1: whoops, mom blinked.
Family pic, take 2: whoops, Lily's sock is in the way...
Beautiful view of the mountains:

Sharing a laugh with Tatus:

Our shadow:

Hi Mom! This is great! I'm not sleepy at all!...
(one minute after the above photo was taken) Zzzzz....
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