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Saturday, February 17, 2007

A walk to the park

The three of us went for a nice long walk through 2 parks today. We are so lucky to have such nice parks so close to where we live. The first park is Blue Mountain Park--here you are waving hello: Tatus checks out a tree that got blown down in a windstorm:
All the trees in the park are very, very tall:

Hi Mom!

You and me, posing for the camera:

On our way to the second park, Como Lake Park. You fell asleep about 10 seconds after I took this photo:
Como Lake Park. Lots of birds stay here through the winter, mainly ducks and geese:
Napping duck:
Old tree in the middle of the "lake" (pond):

This duck came to check Tatus out...
... and lost interest when she realized he didn't have any food.
There was something really yummy in the water here. See the duck trying to dive? I took a video of him. He's too buoyant to go underwater, but he sure tried hard!
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