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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Visit to Gran & Grampa's House: Day 1 &2

Our trip to visit Gran, Grampa and Uncle Shane was lots of fun! It took you a few days to remember everyone, but it wasn't long before you were exploring everywhere. We went for walks, went shopping with Gran (we bought you your first pair of shoes, some new bath toys and Gran got you the cutest strawberry sun hat), watched Seabiscuit, which you loved. You jumped up and down on my lap like you were riding the horses!

One evening at dinner we were all busy eating and you were playing in your high chair.. it was pretty quiet and all of a sudden you said "Ya!" Another new word!

Gran shared her squash with you one night and you really enjoyed that. At lunch, you tried some of her peaches and those were pretty good too. Gran and I also discovered that you love to be chased. One of us would hold you and run away from the other person, who would chase you, and you'd shriek and squeal as we ran. :) You definitely like getting chased better than being caught, though.

Gran gives you the neatest things to chew on:
A view from their back deck:
You had lots of time to play with Uncle Shane, when he wasn't reading the Autobiography of Ben Franklin:

Fun times!
Getting sleepy:

A little cuddle with Grampa:
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