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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Visit to Gran & Grampa's House: Day 3

Helping mom check her email on Gran's spiffy MacBook:
Oh my! What was in that email?

String is yummy, and more interesting than any old emails:
Hey mom! Enough with the emails!! Come and play. (In all fairness, I was emailing your Tatus!)

Gran found you my old sunhat--it fits great, and looks SO cute on you:

How you doin'?

Great shot of the tooth:

Beautiful view as we drive down the hill from Gran and Grampa's house:
Even an Iced Cappuccino couldn't keep you awake!

Play time with the cookie jar:
Cool! It's nose lights up!

Here, you are tickling Uncle Shane's leg:

Time to be goofy:

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