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Monday, April 02, 2007

Letter to LB: 8 months

Dear Lily,

Where should I start? This past month you started crawling and cut your first tooth. Your hair is growing like crazy, and you love to walk, with the assistance of whoever will give you two fingers and surrender their back for however long you want to march around. You also figured out how to "creep", walking along while holding on to whichever piece of furniture happens to be close by: a bookshelf, chair, garbage can, the couch, the bed, the filing cabinet... we have to watch you so closely all the time now.

You've also started 2 new sounds: "ya!", which sometimes starts out as a whisper before it grows to a yell, and you've also started clicking your tongue on the roof of your mouth. You do it better than I can!

This month you also started greeting Tatus when he comes home from work each afternoon by crawling all the way down the hall to him! You also love to follow us around as we go from room to room, and if I stop long enough, you'll bump into me and then climb into a standing position by holding onto my pants.

You also became extremely ticklish this month. Your neck, under your arms, your ribs, your tummy, the bottoms of your feet. What gets you laughing the most is when Tatus or I rub our noses on your ribs. :)

And you love to be chased. Gran and I played this a lot with you when we visited her and Grampa and Uncle Shane in Kelowna: One of us would hold you over our shoulder, and run away from the other person, who would chase us. It never failed to get a giggle or a shriek out of you, although you don't much like to actually be caught.

Getting you to sleep each night has gotten a bit less difficult. It used to be that I'd have to nurse you till you fell asleep or we had to go for a walk with you till you fell asleep (at midnight or 1 a.m in the rain that wasn't very much fun). We quickly discovered that neither of those work at all anymore. What you like to do is snuggle in with us in our bed and then you squirm and roll until you find a comfortable position, and then you fall asleep all on your own. It means I have to lie in bed with you for 1/2 an hour or more each night, but it's much more relaxing than walking the neighbourhood in the dark. We have tried putting you in your crib, but as soon as we lay you down, you roll over and are standing up holding onto the side slats before we even reach your bedroom door. The crib is not where you like to relax. Yet.

Over all it was a month filled with growth for you and amazement for us, watching how quickly you are developing and mastering fine motor skills.

We love you, boogie!

Mama & Tata


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