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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Visiting Gran & Grampa: day 1

Today was a good day. A long day, but a good day. Not at long for you of course, because like an angel, you slept all the way here. Tatus and I got up at 4:30 this morning to finish packing the car and get you and I on the road by 5:30 a.m. The drive was great, and I made good time--it only took us 3 1/2 hours to get here, with beautiful scenery the entire way:

A bright warm sunset through a dirty windshield
Sunlight through cloudsStill some snowHills stretching for milesLake Okanagan: almost there!
Gran was waiting for us on the driveway when we arrived--it's been a few months since either of us had seen her!

You recognized both Gran and Grampa pretty much right away this time--last time we visited, it took you until our last day to really warm up to Grampa. This time you remembered them and the house and have been busy exploring it all, including the screw holes under Gran's dining room table!

Gran and I went grocery shopping early in the afternoon, and you joined us, but you slept almost the whole time. I was envious! When we got back, you had your lunch and then we went for a walk to check out the street Gran and Gramp live on, and hten we played for HOURS.... we spent quite a bit of time with Gran playing on the upper back porch, and then you decided to have another nap. I napped with you, and then while Gran prepared dinner, you and I went outside to check out what Grampa was doing. He was busy pruning the bushes in the front yard, so you took me for a walk. You held my fingers and walked almost ALL the way around Gran and Grampa's house, including up their steep driveway!! I thought you would get tired, but you just kept on going. I guess there is a lot to explore here!

At dinner, we had pasta, and Gran gave you a few bits to eat, too. Normally I give you a little something to munch on while Tatus and I eat dinner, that way you are happy and included and we can eat our dinner in peace! :) Usually I have to feed you little bits of whatever I give you, although a few weeks ago you did figure out how to hold on to a cookie or rice cake and bite off a piece. Tonight however, you did something new: you picked up the little bits of noodle and put them in your mouth!! I was amazed that you started doing that, but then nowadays it seems like every day you become more and more able.

You have also started waving at people when they wave at you. It's a limp-wristed wave,but still very cute.

You started playing a game with Grampa, he nods his head yes, and you shake your head No. And you two go back and forth like this--you did it all throughout dinner.

After dinner we went back outside and Gran showed you how to boing the picky trees. :)
Watching the dog next door after he came over to say hi.
After dinner I tried to get you to mellow out so you'd fall asleep, but it took you a while. Tomorrow I'll make sure you get even MORE fresh air and that should help you sleep. The weather is gorgeous and warm here. I wish Tatus was here with us, and I think you do, too, since you keep saying Da!

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