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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Visiting Gran & Grampa: day 2

Today was another bright and sunny day. In the morning, you and I went for a walk and explored Gran and Grampa's backyard and checked out Gran's poppies. You didn't like sitting on the grass very much. I think that's because it was too dry and picky.The view from the backyard. So peaceful.
You and me with the poppies
Later on we played some more with your toys on the back porch. You like to play with Grampa's jump ropes, probably because they remind you of wire!

Then we went for a nice walk and you had a looong nap in front of the screen door: fresh air, no bugs!
We went out with Gran in the afternoon and bought you some magnetic letters for the fridge. You have a lot of fun dropping them all over the floor. Your favourite letter is definitely the O. You've been crawling around all day with it firmly stuck on your thumb.
Gran thought this outfit was really pretty on you, and I agree. :) It's great because it looks like a skirt, but you can still crawl around in it without getting your knees caught in it.
Keeping Gran company while she irons Smiling at Gran as you find the laundry basket. You did with this laundry what you do to all the laundry at home...
...pulled it onto the floor!
In the evening you found Gran's pot cupboard. You weren't to interested in pulling the pots out and banging on them. All you wanted to do was stick your finger through the holes in the handles.

We had a bath around 9:30, then you had a bottle and fell asleep soon after. I was in bed by 10:30, it was great!!


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