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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy (1st) Father's Day!

Here we are finishing a card game we started the night before, before Tatus opened his present.
That's a cheeky, toothy, kind of crooked alligator face!!

Finally, Tatus starts opening his present and card (with a lot of help from you!):
Boogie wrestles with the bow:

Tatus shows you the little book of baby quotes we got him. He read some of it to you--you've taken quite an interest in books lately! Yay!

Tatus gives you a big thank-you hug.
You explore his other gift--a beer stein-looking coffee mug:
It says "World Class Dad"

Later on, Tatus had to go out for a few hours, but Gran and Grampa stopped by and you gave them a BIG surprise by showing them how you walk. They are very proud of you!

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