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Monday, June 25, 2007


Odd picture, right? Just my cell phone sitting on the desk. Well, what makes this rather boring photo a snapshot of a pretty amazing occurrence is that you put my cell phone up on the desk. I had finished with a phone call, and after I shut my phone you like to hold it while the screen is still lit up. I walked to the kitchen as you were standing by the desk holding my phone, and before you came over to see what I was doing in the kitchen, you reached up and put my phone on the desk. And you left it there. It pretty much qualifies as putting something away. For the last two months we've endured you pulling laundry onto the floor, tea towels onto the floor, any clothing on chairs onto the floor... everything was where it belonged if it was all on the floor. I decided to gamble and not say NO everytime you did it. I decided to act like it was no big deal and hope you'd get bored of doing it. I wasn't like this with books, however. Whenever you'd make a grab for a book, I'd say no and then move you somewhere else and get you interested in your toys or a book or something. And that seemed to work. Now, most of the time when you get close to the bookshelf, you just look at and touch the books. Very rarely do you try to pull one off the shelf.

It's the same with clothes now. I still catch you sometimes making a grab for some clothes, but I just give you a stern look, and usually you just make a fast but (purposely?) unsuccessful grab for the clothes and then pull your hand back really fast. I can't tell if you are messing with me, or what you are doing exactly. But I'm glad you aren't as keen on putting everything on the floor now. :)

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