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Sunday, June 17, 2007

A very special day

Today was special day. And a momentous one. Special because it was Tatus' first Father's Day. Momentous because today was the day you walked all on your own.

You have been standing on your own for short periods of time for weeks now. And you woould walk/run if we were behind you and you were holding on to our fingers. In the last few days we've only given you one finger to hold, so you walk beside us instead of in front of us. A few times you've walked all the way down the hall of our building to the elevator, and then from the elevator to our car in the parkade.

You were standing (without holding anything) in your bedroom this morning when Tatus saw you take a hesitant, shuffly-step, about the length of your little foot. I was so disappointed I missed it. Little did I know you had a BIG surprise for us! Tatus left minutes later to run an errand, but came back because he'd forgotten something. As he was grabbing what he needed, I was in the bedroom with you. You were standing holding on to my finger, and I slowly removed my finger from your grasp. You took two steps away from me, then boom, down on your bum. I was shocked. And amazed. And SO very proud. I yelled out "Oh my gosh! She just walked!" And Tatus and Uncle Shane (who was visiting and took the video) came running.

What happened next is what you see on this video.

We are so proud of you, boogie! You really just took off on your own, 10 steps in a row!

Gran and Grampa stopped by today to pick up Uncle Shane, and I didn't tell them you could walk, you showed them. And wow, were they impressed with you!!

You are an amazing, amazing girl. :)

Love, hugs and kisses,

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