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Sunday, July 15, 2007

What a weekend!

Friday night your 7th tooth came in (3rd bottom one), and other than biting down on your thumb a lot, you hadn't given any (cranky) indication you might be teething. You are bringing them in like a pro! Well done!

And this evening (as weaning you off the bottle has been more and more on my mind, although I decided not to tackle this until we have returned from Poland), you reached up at the dining room table toward your Strawberry Shortcake CUP! Not a sippy cup, but your real cup. I've given you quite a few drinks from it, but I've always held it, figuring first you can get the hang of how to drink out of it, then learn how to both hold and drink it. So I put some fresh water in your cup, and you held out your hands for it, held it as if you always do this, brought it to your mouth, tipped it back and took a nice big drink without spilling a drop!! Of course later as the water got low it started to dribble down your shirt, but I'm sure it cooled you off!

You are so incredible and fun at this age, boogie. You have been incredible each day, but now it seems like you are picking up speed in how quickly you learn new sounds, or new ways of moving your body. Tatus commented today on the wide variety of sounds you make now. It's so cute to see you looking around and saying "Da! Da!" as soon as he disappears into the bathroom. You beeline it for that closed door and usually stand there saying "Da!" till he comes back out again. Of course, if you get frustrated with anything, or we take something away from you, like a rock you are trying to eat, all we hear is you yell "Ma! Ma! Ma! Ma!" You sound like a little sheep!

Naptime and bedtime are a breeze now. You are going to sleep between 10:00 and 10:30 and wake up between 8:30 and 9:30, with a 1-2 hour nap 3-4 hours after you wake up in the morning. I'm LOVING your schedule! It's so much easier than those 1 a.m. nights we used to do.

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