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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Letter to Lily: month 14

Dear Lily,

Today you turned 14 months old. You've grown in so many ways it's hard to even know where to begin. With the basics, I guess. You weigh 25 lbs now, and when you run at our legs to give us those big hugs (yes, YOU hug US now), we have to see you coming and grab onto something for support, or risk being knocked over. You succeeded in knocking your tatus over on his bum when he crouched down to get his big hello hug after work one day. It surprised both of you, and surprise is something you now LOVE to act out. With your face. It starts with a big-mouthed "O", followed by wide eyes, then you drop your chin down, look around very seriously at everyone (to make sure you have our undivided attention), and proclaim, "WOW".

I love your WOWs. Your NOs I could do without, however. They are not loud, yet. But they are determined. And the tone of voice you use when you say it makes me think you are silently adding on a big "duuuhh mom!" to the end of it. I should know in advance each time your mind has changed before I offer you applesauce (it was great for about 4 days, now you'll only eat apples if it's a whole apple and you've just stolen it from your tatus' hand), or try to feed you anything myself. I have to hand it to you, though, you are a pretty tidy eater. Other than that whole wiping your mouth with your entire sleeve as soon as something escapes or doesn't completely go in your mouth.

You LOVE to know you are eating exactly what we are eating... unless it's spaghetti. Penne noodles are fine, great even, especially when covered in tomato sauce and sprinkled with cheese. But I think spaghetti is just too much of a pain to pick up for you to be bothered with. I've introduced you to your very own (not sharp, and therefore mostly useless) fork. You won't let me use the fork to feed you, but if I put food on the fork and leave it on your plate, you will pick up the fork and get it to your mouth with almost no trouble at all. Steamed carrots are always a big hit with you, as is chicken. So we have those a lot. :)

Continuing on with the subject of your mouth, because I think it's become the busiest part of your body, your vocabulary has ballooned since our vacation. You can now say mum, mama, mommy, dada, tata, puppy, baby, mine, yummy, bye-bye, hi, no, ya, ow, wow, whee, boom, yay, yaya(a try at lala, Polish for doll), Lily, bootie (shoes), and sometimes we even get a pees (please) from you. Cacy is a favourite of yours, too. It means "nice" or "gentle" in Polish and you use it when you are stroking my hair or Tatus' head, or even your doll's head. Babcia did a good job of teaching you that one.

All these words come in handy when you are on the phone, as you seem to be a lot these days. You tuck your play phone receiver between the side of your neck and your shoulder, and talk away. It's too cute to hear you having little conversations with who-knows-who.

You've also perfected pointing for something you want--actually, you skipped right over pointing, and moved onto a full out reach. Arm out-stretched, hand wide open and fingers flexed as far as they will go, with a persistent look at me, and always ready with a "no" if I hand you the wrong thing. If I won't give you what you want, you redouble your efforts and try to reach farther toward it, all the while giving me a look that says "Come on mom. This is so obvious!".

You are a ton of fun, boogie. We are learning more and more from you each day... and laughing more and more, too, as you continually surprise us with new tricks, games and things you can do.

Tons of love and kisses,

p.s. In the first half of this month you were on a big adventure traveling to Toronto, Germany and Poland... but that is a whole other set of stories all to itself. You were amazing to travel with, and you made a big hit wherever we went. A travel photo journal will be up soon to show all the adventures you had!


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