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Monday, October 08, 2007

Shopping and a hike

This afternoon, while Tatus, Grampa and Uncle Derek went for a big hike over the hills behind Gran & Grampa's house, you, me and Gran went SHOPPING!

Gran bought you this very cool shopping cart (which you LOVE to push around). We actually had trouble getting you out of the store and back to the house because you didn't want to be parted from it for even a second. Meanwhile, Tatus had my camera and he and Uncle Derek took some great photos while they were on their hike:

Grampa and Uncle Derek:

Tatus in a tree:

The reservoir they hiked to and around. What a mirror image!

Tatus and Grampa hiking along:

Tatus trying to scale a cliff:

Your handsome Tatus:

This weekend you also found a favourite spot to view the world from--on Uncle Derek's shoulders. You spent a LOT of time on his shoulders this weekend, at the video store, and just walking around the house, seeing things from 6 feet higher than usual.

Checking out one of Gran's wind chimes on the balcony:

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