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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas at Gran & Grampa's

On Boxing Day we drove out to Kelowna to spend 4 days at Gran & Grampa's with them and Uncle Derek and Uncle Shane.

Gran made a huge, delicious turkey dinner... and here you are with Uncle Derek, or BA! as you like to call him, at the Christmas tree before dinner:And after dinner, here we are opening some presents. Uncle Derek took many more pictures, to be posted soon. :) Have I mentioned before what a talented photographer he is?

So, here's Grampa opening one of his gifts:

And here you are at almost 11 at night, swiping a chocolate cookie...
Here's Gran and Grampa opening your gift for them, a mosaic tile for their garden:
And here you are with Gran--and Hop on Pop, one of the many new books you got.

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