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Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve at Babcia & Dziadek's. Your Aunt Natlaya and Uncle Daniel came from Edmonton, as well as your Aunt Nina, all the way from Azerbaijan. :)

They prepared a huge, wonderful, many-course dinner and we all ate until we could eat no more. Even though it had been 4 months since you'd last seen your Aunt Natalya, you recognized her right away, and requested that she lift you up again and again.

Here you are hanging out at the dinner table with Aunt Natalya and Uncle Daniel:
You didn't want to eat with me or Tatus, only with your Aunt Natalya. She's magic. :)

Surrounded by chocolates and goodies, but not grabbing them yet. Whew!Sitting with Babcia & Dziadek, ready to open some presents.
Tatus was Santa this year, handing out the presents. Here he is, all ready to begin:

You tried on the hat, too, but I don't think you liked it very much:

Our sweet girl, sitting with Babcia:

Helping Santa open his presents:

Dziadek got a cool t-shirt:
And Babcia got some beautiful jewelry... :)
Tatus got a big gift from a very generous Santa:

And so did Lily. What could it be?
A big easel! Magnetic on one side, chalkboard on the other. Wow!
(Santa was very very generous to all three of us, and we want to send a big THANK YOU to him!!)

Here's Tatus being silly and making your doll (which you got from Dominika and Konrad--THANK YOU!!) imitate you when you are sleepy. Thumb in the mouth, finger in your belly button.

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