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Sunday, August 05, 2007

First visit to the Aquarium: part 1

For your birthday outing, we took you to the Vancouver Aquarium. Here we are taking the token photos in front of the orca carving. In both, you are waving excitedly with both hands at the camera holder:
We saw jellyfish:
You wanted to help this boy play hospital to the stuffed sea lions, but he grabbed them all and ran off. Sigh.
In a bubble, and not sure you like it:
Buttons! Your favourite. Anything that vaguely resembles a button must be pushed. These ones yielded frog sounds:

More jellies:

Sea otter. It was a beautiful day outside, but so crowded with people (and totally not built for people with strollers) that we spent most of our time inside and at the lower levels, which were much less crowded.

Sea turtle:

Say Aaaaah!

Big fish!

Time for a cookie in the butterfly conservatory.

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