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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday!!

A year old. Wow. How do I possibly sum up the most incredible year of our lives? Watching you grow and figure out how to control both your body and things around you has been an amazing experience. I really think it's true, that all babies are born geniuses. You must be, to learn (or remember) as much as you have in this past year. In our eyes, you went from this little bundle of poop and tears that we had to try to figure out amid sleepless nights to a fun, very smart (and a bit stubborn) girl who makes each of our days brighter than the last. We can't believe how much you've changed and grown in just one year. And we really cannot imagine our life without you.

Happy Birthday Lily. We love you SO much. :)
Mama & Tatus

Twirling in your dress, a new trick you showed us today:Present time!

Nice curls, Lily!

You were more interested in the cards than the presents!

Showing off the pretty dress your Great Aunt Mary gave you:

Time to put the curls on Tatus:

Wow! A fire truck!

Mmm... time for cake.

Tatus helped you blow out the candles:

And then you stole some fruit off the top:


Hehe cake is YUMMY!

Want some?

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