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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas at Gran & Grampa's part 2

Photos by your Uncle Derek:

The dinner table, just before we sat down for the big feast.
Opening presents. Uncle Derek set up for the shot, then I dropped the bow on your head and he managed to take the photo before you yanked it of your head. We are sneaky. :)

You got a very fuzzy, very pink heart-shaped pillow, which you promptly kissed and hugged.

Mom got some new slippers--hooray!
So did Tatus!

Here's Gran opening a big present (we got her some nice red vases):

Another book! The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
Of course, you had to sit in my lap and have it read to you right away.

Tatus with a bow in his hair. Mmmm... smoked salmon!
Done with the cookie and feeling very cheerful:

Not quite sure what to do with your new (foam) bowling set:
Tatus checking out the new flashing ice cubes he got:
And which you promptly grabbed:

And looking SO cute in your little Scottie dog dress, might I add. :)

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