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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day

We all slept in on Christmas morning... it was wonderful. After brunch, it was time to open some presents. You got a big, fluffy dog:Which you promptly hugged and kissed:
And Mom got a cool hat:
You can't stand it when I put bows on your head, but you look so cute that I couldn't resist.
You got a few new books, too.

And another doll!
Big smile for Tatus:
Helping Tatus open his presents:
And showing off your new doll:
Mom got some beautiful earrings. :)
Opening big presents is serious business:
The magna doodle was a bit hit!
Tatus opening his presents:

It started to snow early in the afternoon... we wondered if it would stick, and maybe we'd have a white Christmas.
Playing with your new stroller and doll:
Tatus opening his final present:
A didgeridoo!
And look, we did get a white Christmas!
The table, all set for Christmas dinner:

Mom and Lily, ready to eat!
The Christmas crackers we popped scared you, so you sat in Tatus' lap for most of dinner:
Here you are stuffed after dinner, feeling pretty casual:
The view from our table. So peaceful.

Merry Christmas, Lily, we love you!

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