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Friday, March 07, 2008

Letters, numbers, words oh my!

Right now Lily is bringing magnetic numbers to me and asking me what they are. She's learning five and three. She's already able to point out and say eight, and whenever we go out or are reading a book and come across an O, she points it out and tells us what it is.

And her vocabulary is increasing so quickly I can't even keep up with all her new words. She loves to ask what things are and when I tell her she repeats it. Some of the new words she says now are: on, off, music, dance, phone, nap, bib, thumb, hand, toe, foot, knee, chin, hair, head, (she's known eye, ear & nose for a while) diaper, pants, socks, shirt, juice, water, fork, spoon, cup, excuse me, bath, colour, sticker, youghurt, Babcia, Dziadek, Gran, (Uncle) Shane, Madeline, Pepito, bird, tree, bush, run, jump, and, almost & "all done".

When she asks to dance, it's a very specific request--she wants to be lifted up and goes into a waltz-like position, holding onto our free hand's thumb an swinging our arms up and down as we dance.

Lily has also started stringing words together, like "hi baby" and "almost all done" (when we are changing her diaper, which recently she HATES).

"And" comes in handy for her when she wants to know what something is and there is more than one of them. She points to one thing, we name it, she says "and" and points to another. I think she picked up that word from Hop on Pop. I'm so glad she got interested in books at such a young age.

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posted by Krista at 9:41 AM


Learning numbers and letters is so much fun. What kind of music do you like to dance to? Do you have a favorite band or song? Mine is a Southern Culture on the Skids song titled "Camel Walk". It cracks me up!

-Katie Jewell

7:22 PM  

I like to dance to practically everything. My Babcia made me some cds of Polish songs, and my mom bought me some cds of songs she listened to when she was little. They are all a lot of fun to dance to.


3:12 PM  

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