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Monday, March 10, 2008

Tatus' big helper

This weekend we moved the crib from your room to our room, for Lukasz to sleep in. Having him in a cradle doesn't work too well anymore because you pull down on the side of the cradle to see him when you hear him fussing. Rather than discouraging you from being such an attentive big sister, we decided that, since you are all moved into your new big bed, we should move Lukasz into the crib.

Unfortunately the crib was 1 inch wider than the door frame, so Tatus had to completely disassemble the crib and then put it back together again in our room. You were a big help:

There was only a moment of you wanting to go into your crib. Once it was assembled in our room you pointed at it and said "up. nap." I didn't want you to think it was still your crib, so I wasn't going to let you up in it. Instead I told you that we could nap in your new big bed, and suggested you show it to me. Which you did. :) And you have no problem seeing Lukasz in what used to be your bed.

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