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Friday, June 29, 2007

Just another smiley day

This is your new favourite thing to do--have something in both hands and walk around with them, and then drop the items off somewhere completely random. I've found pillow cases in the front hall, and my pyjamas in the kitchen so far. :)

Pretending to eat out of Tatus' coffee cup:

I have blocks!!

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Mmmm Banana!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pots & Pans

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Monday, June 25, 2007


When you are really comfy, either in your stroller, car seat, bean bag chair or in our laps, you like to cross your legs, like this:
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You add a squint to your cheeky grins now when you see the orange light on my camera that means the flash is going to go off. Smart girl!


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Odd picture, right? Just my cell phone sitting on the desk. Well, what makes this rather boring photo a snapshot of a pretty amazing occurrence is that you put my cell phone up on the desk. I had finished with a phone call, and after I shut my phone you like to hold it while the screen is still lit up. I walked to the kitchen as you were standing by the desk holding my phone, and before you came over to see what I was doing in the kitchen, you reached up and put my phone on the desk. And you left it there. It pretty much qualifies as putting something away. For the last two months we've endured you pulling laundry onto the floor, tea towels onto the floor, any clothing on chairs onto the floor... everything was where it belonged if it was all on the floor. I decided to gamble and not say NO everytime you did it. I decided to act like it was no big deal and hope you'd get bored of doing it. I wasn't like this with books, however. Whenever you'd make a grab for a book, I'd say no and then move you somewhere else and get you interested in your toys or a book or something. And that seemed to work. Now, most of the time when you get close to the bookshelf, you just look at and touch the books. Very rarely do you try to pull one off the shelf.

It's the same with clothes now. I still catch you sometimes making a grab for some clothes, but I just give you a stern look, and usually you just make a fast but (purposely?) unsuccessful grab for the clothes and then pull your hand back really fast. I can't tell if you are messing with me, or what you are doing exactly. But I'm glad you aren't as keen on putting everything on the floor now. :)

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When you make this pose, we call you Bundy, after Al Bundy on the show Married With Children. He would make a similar pose when he sat on the couch, although instead of his thumb, he'd have a beer bottle. And your hand isn't actually in your pants, you just like to stick your finger in your belly button (and your other thumb in your mouth) when you get tired.


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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Eating strawberries

It's not recommended for children to eat strawberries before they are a year old, due to possible allergic reactions. But while we were visiting Babcia & Dziadek, you grabbed this strawberry before we could stop you, and since you are nearly a year old, we decided it would probably be ok. You didn't get any reaction from it, whew!It looks like it's a little tart!


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Friday, June 22, 2007

There's no stopping this baby!

Lily just grabbed a small cd case in her chubby little fist and took off walking with it. We couldn't believe it. She walks everywhere now. The only time she creeps using furniture is to go the length of the couch or around our bed. Other than that, she's just motoring on her two little feet. I think it helps that we take her to the park at least twice a day, and most times when we go out, she walks with us down to the parkade. I don't pen her in unless I stick her in her playpen to make a phone call or eat, so for 99% of the day she's walking wherever she pleases. The speed of her progress is mind boggling.

I'm so proud!! :)

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

At the water park

The park across the street from us is so great--it has a playground, a kidde pool, a water park, and tons of trees to walk and run through. Today we took you to the water park for the first time, and you modeled your first bathing suit--a ruffle-bum one Gran gave to you.

Taking a break from the water for a jaunt through the grass.
Hi Mom! This is so fun!

Mama says "It's COLD!!"

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Monday, June 18, 2007

A new stroller

Here you are all ready to go for a walk, in your new bright red stroller!
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A new book!

Babcia and Dziadek brought you a new book! It has sparkley parts that you love to touch.


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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy (1st) Father's Day!

Here we are finishing a card game we started the night before, before Tatus opened his present.
That's a cheeky, toothy, kind of crooked alligator face!!

Finally, Tatus starts opening his present and card (with a lot of help from you!):
Boogie wrestles with the bow:

Tatus shows you the little book of baby quotes we got him. He read some of it to you--you've taken quite an interest in books lately! Yay!

Tatus gives you a big thank-you hug.
You explore his other gift--a beer stein-looking coffee mug:
It says "World Class Dad"

Later on, Tatus had to go out for a few hours, but Gran and Grampa stopped by and you gave them a BIG surprise by showing them how you walk. They are very proud of you!

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A very special day

Today was special day. And a momentous one. Special because it was Tatus' first Father's Day. Momentous because today was the day you walked all on your own.

You have been standing on your own for short periods of time for weeks now. And you woould walk/run if we were behind you and you were holding on to our fingers. In the last few days we've only given you one finger to hold, so you walk beside us instead of in front of us. A few times you've walked all the way down the hall of our building to the elevator, and then from the elevator to our car in the parkade.

You were standing (without holding anything) in your bedroom this morning when Tatus saw you take a hesitant, shuffly-step, about the length of your little foot. I was so disappointed I missed it. Little did I know you had a BIG surprise for us! Tatus left minutes later to run an errand, but came back because he'd forgotten something. As he was grabbing what he needed, I was in the bedroom with you. You were standing holding on to my finger, and I slowly removed my finger from your grasp. You took two steps away from me, then boom, down on your bum. I was shocked. And amazed. And SO very proud. I yelled out "Oh my gosh! She just walked!" And Tatus and Uncle Shane (who was visiting and took the video) came running.

What happened next is what you see on this video.

We are so proud of you, boogie! You really just took off on your own, 10 steps in a row!

Gran and Grampa stopped by today to pick up Uncle Shane, and I didn't tell them you could walk, you showed them. And wow, were they impressed with you!!

You are an amazing, amazing girl. :)

Love, hugs and kisses,

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Friday, June 15, 2007

New laugh

Today you changed your laugh. I don't know where it came from, or why you changed, but you now sound like a little goat when you laugh. It's hilarious! :D

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Friday, June 08, 2007

Letter to Lily: month 10

Dear Lily,

A few days ago you turned 10 months old. I've finally realized one very big truth about having a baby--well, maybe it's two truths. First, they are not a baby for very long. Second, every day brings something new, a new skill, a new surprise, a new bit of mischief.

No one can say you aren't curious. And I think that's a good thing, even if I want to tear my hair out some days as the books are flung of the bookshelf for the umpteenth time. Telling you "no" and moving your hand away from the books doesn't work. You just give me a big smile, say "ya!" and continue emptying the shelf. Physically moving you from the place of mischief and getting you interested in a toy, or going for a walk around the apartment or exploring your room seems to work. But there are those days when you beetle on over to the same shelf, the same books or magazines, and yank them out again.

You are the same way with drawers and cupboards. Find the handle, pull it open, remove contents. Sometimes you find something interesting, like a ruler, white out or tape, and it distracts you--but often you are just content to put everything on the floor.

You also love the toilet. I don't know if it's because the lid makes such a great drum, or because it's the perfect height for you to stand and hold on to... or if it's the great sound it makes when YOU flush it, or the excellent proximity it is to that toilet paper roll that's just begging to be unraveled all over the floor. But whatever it is, if the bathroom door is left open, your little bum will be in there like a shot.

The next big accomplishment we've seen you getting better and better at is standing on your own. For over a month now you've been standing and walking with the help of furniture or anyone who will give you two fingers to hold on to. But lately you are getting more and more confident just standing on your own. There's been a few times where you've been distracted by something you were holding, or you were clapping along with me and Tatus, and you stood for over 30 seconds!

You also love to bounce. You learned this during our last trip to Kelowna--we put you on Gran's rebounder (mini-trampoline) and you bent your knees and started bouncing. Now you do that in your crib as well, in addition to banging the side wall.

We can tell you are itching to walk. There are times when you are holding on to a chair with one hand, and reaching for me or Tatus, and you are bouncing and stretching, like you are trying to convince yourself to take that first step. I'm sure it's not far away! You'll have so much more fun at the park once you are able to walk on your own. Then you'll be free to follow all the kids around without having to drag me or Tatus along behind you. :) It's so neat to watch how you latch on to some kids or their moms and follow them around the playground.

You are a very smiley girl, but already we can see that you are a very determined one, and possibly very stubborn, too. But there are always the smiles--and the laughs (you are VERY ticklish now and Tatus and I love to tickle you).

Then there is this recent fascination with my belly button. I don't know what it is about it, but if we are lying down together, you always eventually get to my tummy, pull up my shirt and poke your little pointer finger in my belly button.

We love you so much, little bumblina.


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