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Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

You had a new beautiful red dress for New Years... and enjoyed running around and showing off while I tried to fold the sleeves up a bit, tie the bow in the back and make sure your tights were on straight.
Ha ha! Cornered at the front door!

That's better: the bow is done up, shoes are on, we are almost ready to go to the New Years celebrations at Babcia & Dziadek's.
Here you are sharing blueberries with Marta:

Tatus & Mommy :)

These photos were all taken by Daniel & Marta :)
Here's Babcia and Dziadek with your Ciocia Nina:

Your Wojek Daniel was really excited about the cake!

Here's your Wojek Daniel and Ciocia Natalya. What a handsome couple!
Enjoying eating goodies on the couch with Babcia:

Mommy and her little girl smiling for the camera. Love you, sweetie! xoxoxo

Tatus and Uncle Daniel and Daniel pouring champagne moments before New Years. As you can see, for the 2nd year in a row, you stayed up for the countdown and the celebration afterwards. I think you didn't get to sleep till 1:30 a.m.!!

Happy New Year Everyone!

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

A snowy walk at Gran & Grampa's

Here we are out getting some snowy fresh air on Gran & Grampa's street. All smiles for Tatus :)
You weren't quite sure how to walk through the snow at first...

Happy girl with pink cheeks:

With Tatus in the forest at the end of the street. There's a great toboggan hill there!!
Tatus getting ready to go sledding down the hill.
You didn't like to see him sliding away from you. :(

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More tobogganing at Gran & Grampa's

Photos by Uncle Derek.

Tatus pulled you around and around the yard, like the little princess you are. :)

You had one face-plant into the snow, but just licked the snow off your face and we carried on. What a brave girl!

Family portrait:

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas at Gran & Grampa's

On Boxing Day we drove out to Kelowna to spend 4 days at Gran & Grampa's with them and Uncle Derek and Uncle Shane.

Gran made a huge, delicious turkey dinner... and here you are with Uncle Derek, or BA! as you like to call him, at the Christmas tree before dinner:And after dinner, here we are opening some presents. Uncle Derek took many more pictures, to be posted soon. :) Have I mentioned before what a talented photographer he is?

So, here's Grampa opening one of his gifts:

And here you are at almost 11 at night, swiping a chocolate cookie...
Here's Gran and Grampa opening your gift for them, a mosaic tile for their garden:
And here you are with Gran--and Hop on Pop, one of the many new books you got.

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Christmas at Gran & Grampa's part 2

Photos by your Uncle Derek:

The dinner table, just before we sat down for the big feast.
Opening presents. Uncle Derek set up for the shot, then I dropped the bow on your head and he managed to take the photo before you yanked it of your head. We are sneaky. :)

You got a very fuzzy, very pink heart-shaped pillow, which you promptly kissed and hugged.

Mom got some new slippers--hooray!
So did Tatus!

Here's Gran opening a big present (we got her some nice red vases):

Another book! The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
Of course, you had to sit in my lap and have it read to you right away.

Tatus with a bow in his hair. Mmmm... smoked salmon!
Done with the cookie and feeling very cheerful:

Not quite sure what to do with your new (foam) bowling set:
Tatus checking out the new flashing ice cubes he got:
And which you promptly grabbed:

And looking SO cute in your little Scottie dog dress, might I add. :)

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day

We all slept in on Christmas morning... it was wonderful. After brunch, it was time to open some presents. You got a big, fluffy dog:Which you promptly hugged and kissed:
And Mom got a cool hat:
You can't stand it when I put bows on your head, but you look so cute that I couldn't resist.
You got a few new books, too.

And another doll!
Big smile for Tatus:
Helping Tatus open his presents:
And showing off your new doll:
Mom got some beautiful earrings. :)
Opening big presents is serious business:
The magna doodle was a bit hit!
Tatus opening his presents:

It started to snow early in the afternoon... we wondered if it would stick, and maybe we'd have a white Christmas.
Playing with your new stroller and doll:
Tatus opening his final present:
A didgeridoo!
And look, we did get a white Christmas!
The table, all set for Christmas dinner:

Mom and Lily, ready to eat!
The Christmas crackers we popped scared you, so you sat in Tatus' lap for most of dinner:
Here you are stuffed after dinner, feeling pretty casual:
The view from our table. So peaceful.

Merry Christmas, Lily, we love you!

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